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Introducing the Brand Discovery Kit

The Brand Discovery Kit is a set of tools that lets any designer, brand specialist or marketer lead a client through an interactive and practical workshop to identify and define a brand.

How the Brand Discovery Kit helps

Working in branding and marketing, you innately understand the value of a strong brand. You’ve seen how much better your logo design or marketing strategy unfolds with a strong and clear brand foundation, but sometimes helping your client understand this can be a little challenging.

This kit makes bringing your client on a brand journey fun, interactive and informative. Designed by brand and marketing specialists, this pragmatic program guides your client through the core elements of a brand including:

Understanding the business
Identifying & defining the ideal customer
Brand personality & archetypes
Brand language & tone of voice
Brand visuals including imagery, fonts and colours

Why you need the Brand Discovery Kit

The Brand Discovery Kit has been designed by creatives who have delivered hundreds of brand discovery workshops. In addition to helping bring the client on a branding journey, this turnkey kit has been developed so that:


It is super easy to run a Brand Discovery Workshop

Everything has been included in this kit, including instructions on how to plan, run and follow up on the session. This means you can focus on the client and drawing out the info you need in the workshop.


You can position yourself for additional work

It’s much easier to upsell style guides, corporate ID and websites when the client is fully engaged and understands the power of their brand. A great workshop followed up with your post-discovery report makes it easy to do just that.


It pays for itself

This kit is so professional and the outcomes the client gets are so beneficial, you should be charging to deliver a Brand Discovery Workshop. Clients LOVE the experience, and because the Brand Discovery Kit is reusable, each time you use it you are covering some of the costs of the kit.


You have set-up support

We know that running a workshop with a new set of tools can be a little daunting, so we offer 2 x 30 minute consults with a Brand Discovery Kit team member with the purchase of every kit. Use this time to pick our brains on the kit, on branding in general, and on how to upsell. We’ve got your back!

What’s in the Brand Discovery Kit?

The Brand Discovery Kit is a physical kit delivered in a self-contained case that includes the following:

  • 72 card Word Deck
  • 72 card Image Deck
  • 26 card Colour Deck
  • 26 card Font Deck
  • Hard copy Facilitator Guide
  • Hard copy Run Sheet and Agenda
  • Hard copy Archetype Handbook
  • 4 hard copy Attendee Workbooks
  • Workshop Presentation Deck (USB)
  • Pre-Workshop Questionnaire (USB)
  • Indd Post Discovery Report (USB)

What people are saying about the Brand Discovery Kit

About us

Hello fellow creatives!

The Brand Discovery Kit is a labour of love that we’ve been building and refining for the last 3 years. It came about when we went looking for a practical set of tools we could use in our own agency to run brand workshops. There were lots of books and online resources but we were looking for something that really brought the client in on the brand journey.

We couldn’t find anything that did what we needed, so we set out to build our own.

As you know, creative types often hang out with other creative types – and we found that just like us, there were others who wanted to help their clients get more from brand discovery sessions. They too wanted a workshop that was easier to run, and to be able to charge for their time and expertise in these sessions.

So, we loaned our kit to a freelancer friend. And she loved it! And then she told another creative friend who used it, and he loved it. It then dawned on us that this little kit might be super valuable to our design friends out there trying to get their clients on board with the power of branding!

It has come a long way since our first version, and there are some beta versions of the kit well-worn and loved in the hands of people we know, but we are super excited to now share the Brand Discovery Kit with you all.

– Kel, Tash, Lani, Bec & Ash xx

Kelli Ponting
Kelli is the brand strategist in the team. She made sure that the Brand Discovery Kit is practical and value-driven for workshop attendees and our creative partners who buy the kit. Kelli holds an MBA and has studied branding at Columbia University.

Tash Westmore
Tash loves, lives and breathes branding. She’s the one that made sure that the Brand Discovery Kit experience was fun, engaging and relevant for both attendees and our creative partners running the workshops. Tash has a degree in Graphic Design and decades of experience.

Lani Machado
Lani is an absolute legend on the tools and would spend every waking hour creating brands and logos for clients if he could. He made sure the Brand Discovery Kit covered the core elements a designer needs to do great work. Lani holds a degree in Graphic Design & E-Media (Web Design).

Ashley Tubb
Ash is the one who keeps us all organised. When you buy a Brand Discovery Kit, Ash is the one that makes sure it is prepared, picked, packed and on its way to you as quickly as possible. She holds a degree in Mass Communications.

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